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Great minds don’t think alike. But when they think together, they’re capable of amazing discoveries. When you pursue graduate research at Clark, you’ll be part of this diversity of thought — challenging and solving our world’s most difficult problems.

Clark fosters research that crosses traditional disciplinary, intellectual, and societal boundaries. The graduate students who make up our campus community share a passion for challenging conventional wisdom and reaching out to their colleagues in other disciplines to develop solutions to critical issues. As you share ideas with your peers at Clark and in the wider world, you gain a deeper understanding of your own field and a greater appreciation for what can be achieved through research that marries theory and practice.


In Their Words

Chris Owens

I became interested in policies surrounding national security, humanitarian aid, and human mobility. Clark is an ideal place to think critically about these issues because the faculty and students provide global perspectives on these topics.

Christopher Owens

M.A. ’17, International Development and Social Change

Shibbir Khan

You really have to be there to fathom the grandeur of this global forum. The sessions we were part of, coupled with opportunities to network with industry pioneers, made for an unparalleled experience.

Shibbir Khan

M.S. ’18, Business Analytics

Ashley York

Karen [Frey] is an amazing scientist. It has been great to rely on my adviser for more than just purely scientific and dissertation guidance — but also for real-life advice, particularly around being a female in the geosciences.

Ashley York

Ph.D. student, Geography

Valerie Ivancic

Clark University has outstanding partnerships that have allowed me to stretch the limits of my work. My collaboration with UMass Medical School has provided me with training for mass spectrometry and transition electron microscopy.

Valerie Ivancic

Ph.D. student, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Michael Reardon

Mark Turnbull is an exceptional professor. The way I think critically about problems, the questions I ask my fellow researchers, and my approach to being a teaching assistant are all very much modeled after his example.

Michael Reardon

Ph.D. student, Chemistry

Chris Owens
Shibbir Khan
Ashley York
Valerie Ivancic
Michael Reardon
Working As One

Research Connections

Don Spratt with female student in lab

Across the Academy

From biology to history, Clark graduate students pursue fundamental research across the arts and sciences.

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Across Disciplines

Our research culture reflects the belief that the most innovative solutions and discoveries occur when disciplines collide.

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Across the World

Our investigators frequently bring theory to practice by solving real-world problems, monitoring implementation, and measuring impact.

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