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Scholarships for First-Year and Transfer Students

Clark Merit Scholarships

Clark University offers a variety of merit and achievement-based scholarships. All applicants are automatically considered for these scholarships. There is no need for a separate application.

We give top consideration to students who have demonstrated exceptional academic performance and personal qualities during their secondary school years. The scholarship decisions are solely based on information presented in the admission application, without consideration of financial need. Admitted students who receive a merit-based scholarship will be notified alongside their admissions decision.

For students whose financial need exceeds the scholarship amount, additional assistance may be available. This assistance can be a combination of grants, loans, and work-study opportunities.

Need-based financial aid

The Presidential Scholarship is a highly esteemed scholarship awarded to approximately five exceptional students annually. It recognizes individuals who stand out due to their outstanding academic achievements and leadership potential, placing them among the top applicants to Clark.

This scholarship covers full tuition, as well as on-campus room and board for all four years, regardless of a family’s financial situation.

How to apply

To apply for the Presidential Scholarship, indicate your interest by selecting the corresponding option when you complete the Common Application or Coalition Application with Scoir.

After indicating your interest, you will receive detailed information on how to complete your scholarship application.

Application deadline

  • Early Decision I and Early Action – December 1
  • Early Decision II and Regular – February 1

A small group of students may be selected as finalists to interview in January from the Early Decision I and Early Action rounds. A second round of finalists will be selected to interview in March. All students will receive an update on their status for the scholarship by the end of March.

The Admissions Committee selects finalists based on the strength of their admission applications and other specific criteria identified by the committee.

Segal AmeriCorps Education Award

Clark University’s commitment to community service is embodied in our motto.

“Challenge Convention. Change Our World.”

To support those efforts, Clark University, beginning with the 2018/2019 academic year, will match your Segal AmeriCorps Education Award dollar for dollar to any full-time undergraduate day student admitted into a degree program at the University.

To access your Segal AmeriCorp Education Award and University match award:

  • Log into your Segal AmeriCorp Portal, choose the Education award and enter Clark University as the certifying institution
  • Our Office will receive notification from AmeriCorp requesting certification of your enrollment
  • Once certified your AmeriCorp Award and the match will be added to your financial aid award

Please remember you will need to do this each semester that you wish to use the education award. Renewal of the scholarship and matching award from semester to semester will be in accordance with the University scholarship guidelines and the student’s continued eligibility for the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award

Private Scholarships

There are many resources available to you independent of Clark University and the federal/state processes. Local organizations as well as statewide and national organizations have funds available for students who meet their criteria. The hardest part can be locating these opportunities. This page provides some useful information when conducting a search for private scholarships.

As with any online search you want to be careful to avoid anything that may be a scam. You may want to watch out for the following things that can potentially make the search a waste of time and a potential headache for you:

  • There is a charge for the service being provided. Scholarships are meant to help students and if you are paying for the service you may want to skip it altogether.
  • No essay is required. If you are only providing personal information and no other information is required it could mean this is an organization looking to sell the information. Never provide your social security number or other sensitive information unless you know the scholarship is from a legitimate source.

IMPORTANT: All sources of private student financial aid need to be reported to the Clark University Office of Financial Assistance in writing. Private scholarships are considered part of your aid package and will be applied first to unmet financial need, then to replace loans and/or work study, and if necessary, to reduce institutional grants. Scholarships from non-meritorious sources, such as a parent’s employer, will reduce the Clark grant dollar for dollar.

Scholarship Source How to Start Additional Information/Tips
Your High School Ask teachers, guidance counselors, school librarian if there are any school sponsored scholarships. Start early! No need to wait until your senior year.
Your Parents’ Employer Ask your parent(s) if there are any scholarship opportunities provided through their employer. If they are unsure call their Human Resources department for more information. In many cases parents may be unaware that their company offers a scholarship. Ask for a contact or call the HR office directly and let them know you are a child of an employee and you would like to know if there are any scholarships for college available to you.
Your Current Employer Ask your employer if the company offers any scholarships for graduating high school students. Your after school job can offer you more than just spending money. You may be eligible for private scholarships without even knowing it!
Your Place of Worship Ask the office staff or leadership about any scholarship possibilities or assistance with college expenses. Fundraiser events may be allowed if a scholarship is not already in place.
Service Club (Rotary Club, Knights of Columbus, YMCA/YWCA) Ask your local branch or national office about scholarships. Fundraiser events may be allowed if a scholarship is not already in place.

Scholarship Search Engines to Consider:

Current Clark students have received scholarships from the following organizations:

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